Fundamental Analysis Worksheet

Stock Market Beat uses a template to make sure they don’t miss anything when analyzing a potential investment. Here is how they describe it, reprinted here with the author’s permission.

Fundamental analysis is a skill that takes considerable time and practice to master. There are many moving parts in a company’s “fundamentals.” Although you may hear people say a company has great fundamentals, can they articulate what they mean by that?

A useful tool we have used is a document template to fill out when looking at a company’s fundamental characteristics and financial filings. Having the template can help make sure you don’t overlook an important detail, and the template can be updated over time to let the user see how certain aspects of the company are changing, and to comment on the changes and their implications.

We are likely to use the template frequently here, so rather than try to explain it all at once we will do that by example over time. Feel free to copy the template, and do let us know if you think there are important features we should add. You can find the template at our fundies page.

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